OSDM Sandbox


The aim of the OSDM sandbox is to provide implementing or interesting parties access to a working prototype to study the behavior and semantics of the OSDM API.

The sandbox is kindly provided by Sqills and is open to any party interested in implementing OSDM.

Available Network and Services

Currently the OSDM sandbox implemented with S3 Passengers supports the following virtual routes and services:

  • First Route: Amsterdam - Paris

    The service simulated is a high speed IRT train where the products admission with included reservation as well as the ancillary services luggage and bike are available.

  • Second Route: Amsterdam - Köln - Frankfurt (Main) Hbf - Basel SBB - Thun

    The service simulated is a high speed train where the products admission as well as a monthly pass are available. Additionally a bus ticket to a commuting bus is available.

  • Third Route: Basel SBB - Chur - Brig

    The service simulated is a ICE train that travels from Basel to Chur with an optional seat reservation on the first leg. On the second leg there is a touristic train running with a included seat reservation as well as mandatory ancillaries such as 3 course menu.

If sensible, upon request Sqills will provide additional routes and services.


All API activity via the OSDM API takes place with a so-called “agent”. Upon request, an agent account can be set up for OSDM project partners and a welcome email message will distribute a username and password combination which is required to obtain a OAuth2 JWT token with which the actual OSDM calls can be performed on the API.

To register an account, please send an email including your name, role, company and a brief explanation of your interest in OSDM to support-osdm@sqills.com .