Sqills is First to Implement OSDM Online

Published: Apr 9, 2021 by Andreas Schlapbach

Sqills S3 Passenger is the first inventory management system to implement the online part of the OSDM managed by UIC and the FSM-Initiative.

Sqills’ inventory management, sales and distribution SaaS platform S3 Passenger, is the first IT platform with a working OSDM-Online implementation based on the recently completed specification designed by railway carriers and ticket distributors. After joining the initiative late 2020, Sqills has committed to contributing to the technical standard to promote interoperability. This effort has now resulted in the first actually working implementation which can soon be made available in production for operators running S3 Passenger.

Marc Guigon and Vittorio Carta, chair & vice-chair of OSDM, say:

“For OSDM, 2020 was the year of specifying the standard, and we now prove that 2021 can be the year of its implementation. We are excited and also proud about the example that Sqills has set for contributing carriers of how quick and relatively easy the OSDM-online standard could be implemented, and look forward to see partners follow soon. It proves that for a capable back-end system, the OSDM-online interface covers all relevant principles well. The ticket distributors in the OSDM working group can now prepare to actually integrate the API based on this first implementation. A big step forward in the European Year of Rail and public transportation in general, as OSDM has been designed to accomplish multi-modal mobility solutions as well.”

Johan Nieuwerth, Sqills Founder & S3 Product Owner, said:

“Supporting cross-operator cooperation to improve passenger comfort and compete with car and air travel is a key priority. We have embraced OSDM as a contributing factor to this goal, as the standard reflects the S3 Passenger capabilities well and essentially unifies the distributor-to-carrier dialogue, aligned with S3’s native multi-inventory features. Now that inventory managed in S3 can be distributed via OSDM, the next focus is the opposite flow: making OSDM capable Non-S3 carriers available within S3 Passenger for operators in our community that wish to connect bilaterally with other inventories as well. Sqills will make a so-called powered by S3 Passenger available to the OSDM community partners, so that this first step will hopefully actually help increase the speed of adoption of the standard.”

Congratulations to Johan Nieuwerth and Roland Klapwijk for making this happen!