OSDM Sandbox


Various providers and distributors built demo or sandbox environments to provide implementing or interested parties with access to working prototypes or near to real-life implementations to study the behavior and semantics of the OSDM API.

These environments are usually registration-only and interested parties are provided with documentation of the content of the API as well as with examples of requests to try.

Sqills OSDM Sandbox

The first OSDM Sandbox was kindly provided by Sqills and is open to any party interested in implementing OSDM. It is built on top of the S3 Passenger platform. It supports various virtual routes and services located in Western Europe, and UK.

To register an account, please send an email including your name, role, company and a brief explanation of your interest in OSDM to support-osdm@sqills.com . Detailed documentation of the content of the API will be provided along with the credentials.


Bileto OSDM Sandbox

Bileto officially provides an OSDM Sandbox running the edge version of its OSDM implementation. The content corresponds to data distributed by the real carriers of the API. The sandbox provides data from Central Europe.

To be granted access, please register at osdm.cz. Bileto provides example client credentials to access the environment, a Postman collection with examples as well as the documentation of content and local specifics implemented in the OSDM API.


benerail OSDM Sandbox

Benerail is a system provider for SNCB, NS, CFL and DSB with a focus on international and long distance rail tickets and has launched an benerail OSDM sandbox.

The OSDM API provides integrations between different roles, for example, between retailer and distributor or between distributor and fare provider - nowadays also referred to as carrier provider. Benerail, as a technical supplier, has the ambition to support both the distributor and fare provider role.

The sandbox is designed as an experimental playground, and we welcome you to access it, share ideas and collaborate with us. You can submit a request to access our sandbox. You will receive credentials, documentations, a Postman project and in future a developer portal with more information.

The link to our form is available on benerail OSDM sandbox.