OSDM V.1.1 Released

Published: Feb 10, 2021 by Andreas Schlapbach

The OSDM Steering group just released the Version 1.1 of the OSDM Specification under the Apache-2.0 Open Source License.

The aims of the Open Sales and Distribution Model (OSDM) are twofold:

  1. to substantially simplify the booking process for customers of rail trips and,
  2. to lower complexity and distribution costs for distributors and railway carriers.

OSDM strengthens rail as a convenient and ecological means of transportation by simplifying distribution. Finally, it lays a solid fundament which can be extended to the distribution of other means of transportation.

In scope of this increment were various improvements proposed by railways as well as distributors:

  • I-1 Enable combination rules between offers (Amadeus/Sqills/SBB)
  • I-2 Support for stateless offers/booking processes (Sqills/DB)
  • I-5 Add support for a fee (DB)
  • I-9 Add binary in fulfillment messages (DB)
  • I-23 Handle reduction cards that include other cards (Offline-Only)
  • I-24 Add rules for minimum number of passengers (Offline Only)
  • I-25 Short station name for route descriptions needed (Offline-Only) (DB, UIC)
  • I-31-Remove-SEPERATE_TICKET-as-cluster-type (Offline-Only) (DB)

Thanks to all the Team for its hard work.