OSDM V.2.0 Released

Published: Oct 31, 2022 by Andreas Schlapbach

We’re proud to release Version 2.0 of the OSDM Specification.

In scope of this increment were various improvements proposed by railways as well as distributors. The following features have been added with version 2.0 of OSDM.

  • Terminology aligned with TAP-TSI
  • Unified resource for trip based offers and non-trip based offers
  • Separate resource to retrieve availabilities for seats, couchettes,…
  • Change of seat, couchette,.. in the booked offer
  • Option to extend the booking time limit (OnHold)
  • Option to release tickets as an intermediate step for a refund
  • Option to cancel a fulfillment
  • Reimbursement of unused tickets
  • Booking Search

This is an important release as it is the basis of implementations in the Swedish as well as the Swiss market. Furthermore, part of the documentation will be adopted by the TAP-TSI regulation.

See the Release Notes 2.0 for more details.

More to come!

Thanks to all the Team for its hard work.