OSDM Release Version 1.2

What’s New In OSDM Version 1.2

The following features have been added with version 1.2 of OSDM.

Add support to sell non-journey based products (passes)

A new booking flow enables to sell tickets that are not bound to a trip, e.g., day passes or ancillary service such a WIFI access. This feature opens the possibility to potentially sell public transportation unrelated services such as entrance to a museum or concert.

See the /non-trip-based-offers for more details.

Add support to query availabilities

If supported by the underlying systems, the attribute numericAvailability returns the number of offers of a given fare still available. Having the number of available service is of special values for agents helping a passenger to find the best time to travel

Note that the availability is on fares and not on actual seats.

Complete support for partial refund/exchange

Exchange of tickets especially with yielded fares is a difficult topic. In this release we have carefully reviewed the initial implementation of OSDM V1.1 and completed it where necessary. The most atomic element we can after-sale on is a ticket (Ticket Control Number).

See the resources under Exchange for details.

Combination of offers

While there are powerful combination rules on fare level, OSDM was lacking this feature on offer level. With this release, we have added a light-weight option to steer the combination of offers. This allows a fare provider or distributor to control the combination of its offers with other. This can be used for return tickets as well as offer-based through fares.

In a nutshell the mechanism is the following: if no combination tags are set, an offer can be combined with any other offer. However, if the tags are set, only offers which contain the tags can be combined. The tags can be defined mutually between two parties.

See the tripTags and returnTags attribute on Offer for details.

Add full support for PRMs

If a passenger has reduced mobility the basic idea is that an OSDM distributor implementation informs the UIC’s PRM ABT about the travel wish such that he or she can be contacted by the experts. The impacts on OSDM are:

  • If we have a PRM traveling from to A to B (via C) a system implementing OSDM must inform the UIC’s PRM ABT tool about the assistance needs a these stops.

Impact on specification: The PRMNeedType NEED_PRM_SUPPORT allows to indicate the need to ask for support at a station. In this case the distributor needs to inform the UIC ABT Tool to contact the passenger. The distributor thus needs to transfer the passenger’s contact address (mail or phone) and the booking id.

  • If a request of PRM assistance can not be met, a refund/exchange process must be triggered by UIC’s PRM ABT tool via the OSDM protocol and the PRM must be informed accordingly.

Impact on specification: The over rule code PRM_SUPPORT_UNAVAILABLE allows a booking to be refunded or exchanged by the UIC PRM ABT tool even when the fare is non-refundable/exchangeable.

Other work addressed includes:

  • Improving the API’s description
  • Fixing minor inconsistencies
  • Incorporating feedback from the first implementors
  • Setting up a mock infrastructure as well as writing actual mocks
  • Best Practices concerning non-functional requirements