OSDM Release Version 3.0

What’s New in OSDM Version 3.0

The following features have been added with version 3.0 of OSDM.

Request Ancillaries or Reservations

Return optional reservations or ancillaries suitable for a given offer.

Adding-offer to pre-booked Booking

Addresses the need to add offers to a booking with pre-booked offers, leading to a light weight basket functionality.

Historize Status Change

This feature is needed to provide accurate accounting information via back office feed to travel sellers who need to investigate the changes that occurred to a given booking.

Further Improvements to Support the Swedish Market

As the Swedish market has chosen OSDM to be the standard for retailers and distributors, various improvements have been added to fully cover their needs.

Other Work

Other work addressed includes:

  • Improving the API’s description
  • Fixing minor inconsistencies
  • Incorporating feedback from the first implementors

Breaking Changes

We adhere to Semantic Versioning, thus a list of breaking changes compared to version 2.0 is available.