OSDM Release Version 3.1

What’s New in OSDM Version 3.1

The following features have been added with version 3.1 of OSDM.

Support for Partial Refunding

Partial refund as a simplified form of exchange is now supported by the standard.

Support Added a Resource to Split Bookings

For systems that do not support partial refund, we added the possibility to split bookings into multiple bookings.

Various Improvements for the Swedish Market

To ensure the successful launch of OSDM in the Swedish market, we added small improvements to the specification requested by the different partners (Sqills, Turnit, SJ, samtrafiken, Amadeus).

Other Work

Other work addressed includes:

  • Improving the API’s description
  • Fixing minor inconsistencies
  • Incorporating feedback from the first implementors

Breaking Changes

We adhere to Semantic Versioning, thus this version is backwards compatible with version 3.0.

A detailed list of non-breaking changes are available in the changelog.