OSDM Release Version 3.2

What’s New in OSDM Version 3.2

The following features have been added with version 3.2 of OSDM.

  • Partial refund has been simplified (All)
  • Split of a booking improved (Amadeus)
  • Second last name for Spain (Renfe)
  • Reservation on leg parts (if no seat is available for the entire leg) (Sweden)
  • Graphical reservation offer selection for busses in Sweden (Sweden)
  • Special accounting reference (DB/Eurostar/SNCF)

Other Work

Other work addressed includes:

  • Improving the API’s description
  • Fixing minor inconsistencies
  • Incorporating feedback from the first implementors

Breaking Changes

We adhere to Semantic Versioning, thus this version is backwards compatible with version 3.0.

A detailed list of non-breaking changes are available in the changelog.