Validation & Verification


We are envisioning a level of compatibility of the OSDM implementations that allows to connect to each other with no technical modification needed on both parties end, thus neither for the provider nor the consumer.

Connecting to another party is thus reduced to commercial negotiations on the contractual terms and no longer needs a lengthy and costly implementation phase.


To reach this vision we need an exhaustive and automated test set. Exhaustive because we want to assure a high level of compliance and automated as a frequent and thorough testing can not be done manually.

This set will be used to guarantee compliance.

This set of tests can also be used as consumer driven contracts for each party to test its implementation.

In a first estimation, a test set containing more than 100 test sets will be needed based on the current.


  1. An implementing party tests the implementation with the consumer driven contracts.
  2. To acquire the statement of compliance the implementing party provides its implementations to an independent entity for verification.
  3. The independent entity tests the implementation and verifies the compliance to the implementing party.


We need an independent entity with the right technical skills to validate the correctness of the implementation.

This entity is in charge to maintain the test sets needed for a party to test.

This entity is also authorized to issue a statement of compliance.