OSDM V.1.2 Released

Published: Jun 24, 2021 by Andreas Schlapbach

The OSDM Steering group just released the Version 1.2 of the OSDM Specification as well as access to the OSDM Sandbox to all interested parties.

In scope of this increment were various improvements proposed by railways as well as distributors:

  • I-16 Add support to sell non-journey based products (passes)
  • I-28 Add support to query availabilities
  • I-3 Complete support for partial refund/exchange
  • I-18 Combinations of offers onto one fulfillment
  • I-7 Add full support for PRMs

See the Release Notes 1.2 for more details.

Additionally, we have started to turn the specification into running code:

  • OSDM Sandbox: The aim of the OSDM sandbox is to provide implementing or interesting parties access to a working prototype to study the behavior and semantics of the OSDM API. The sandbox is kindly provided by Sqills and is open to any party interested in implementing OSDM. See OSDM Sandbox for details.

  • Hermes/Hosa to OSDM (H2O) converter: The aim of this online converter build by Hitrail is to build a migration path from the Hermes/Hosa protocol to OSDM. Thus if a railway does not support OSDM yet the Hermes/Hosa to OSDM (H2O) Converter ensures that it can connect to railways supporting OSDM. Conversely, if a railway only supports OSDM it guarantees that it can connect to railways supporting Hermes/Hosa only. See OSDM H2O Converter for details.

More to come!

Thanks to all the Team for its hard work.