OSDM Version 3.0 Released

Published: Mar 10, 2023 by Andreas Schlapbach

We are proud to release Version 3.0 of the OSDM Specification. In scope of this increment are various improvements proposed by the different parties (Retailers, Distributors, Railways, Bus Undertakings, Technology Providers).

Focus is to support the Swedish Market which revamps its distribution and pricing landscape based on OSDM.

See the Release Notes 3.0 for more details.

Additionally, the OSDM sandbox by Sqills has been revised and is now based on their production system.

For the first time we are also releasing the OSDM UML model from which the YAML specification is being generated.

Furthermore we have started work on a joint test and validation set. This should help the adoption of OSDM as well as guarantee that the implementations are interoperable.

More to come!

Thanks to all the Team for its hard work.