Bileto Launches Europe’s First OSDM Implementation to Enable Next-gen Reservations Across Multiple Carriers

Brand new OSDM ticketing standard is poised to unify protocols used by European railways. Passengers benefit from more booking options, carriers, and ticket distributors will take advantage of a standards based solution with lower development costs.

A Gentle Introduction to OSDM

The OSDM interface covers a wide array of use cases and services. To help you getting started, we have written a gentle introduction to OSDM. With four simple web service calls you can search offers, book them and provide a ticket to your customer. It’s a simple as that.

OSDM V.1.2 Released

The OSDM Steering group just released the Version 1.2 of the OSDM Specification as well as access to the OSDM Sandbox to all interested parties.